3G network system advised to support national interest

3G network system

3G: Flickr.com

The 3G network system must benefit the society, putting the nation’s interest at heart , says Former Head of the Committee of Community Radio Operations Colonel Nattee Sukolrat.

After resigning from the Radio and Television Committee yesterday to take the new post of the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) along with Associate Professor Pana Thongmeeakom former head of the Cable Television Committee, the main task at hand for the NTC is to ensure that the set-up process and launching of 3G runs smoothly.

Colonel Nattee said that the system must also be transparent and protect the nation’s security and, most importantly, cater to the consumer’s interest.

The 3G network system is a mobile environment that supports further functions such as the wide-area wireless voice telephone, video calls, and wireless data. In Thailand the 3G network will run by TOT Plc. The network will support up to 500,000 numbers in Bangkok and its surrounding areas with 548 signal points covering major areas and office buildings. (NNT)