Economy moving downtrend / Suan Dusit Poll

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The majority respondents of a survey conducted by the Suan Dusit Rajabhat University agreed that the country’s economy is worsening.

The Suan Dusit poll was conducted among 1,327 people from Dec 1 to 3 on their viewpoints towards their confidence in economic recovery. The poll showed that the majority of the respondents or 71.43% said the country’s economy was moving downward. 56.55% stated that the household expenses were rising and 49.70% said they held the same income.

According to the poll, about 21.04% of the polled people supported the government’s policies relating to the reduction of cost of living for the public while the other 33.93% thought the government’s economic stimulus policy was sonly having a slight effect.

In addition, the survey indicated that the majority of the respondents or 49.40% did not believe that the nation’s economy would expand 3 to 3.5% next year as previously projected by the government while the other 39.83% expected that they would plan to spend more during the upcoming New Year Festival. (NNT)